Black Blood Royals


Black Blood Royals is an American pop duo, based in Seattle, WA, consisting of singers Barno and Kenza. Barno and Kenza are sisters, and the band Black Blood Royals was formed in 2012. They started writing and recording for their first album “Predator” in early 2013, finished it in December 2015, and the Promo CD was released in September 2016.

All the songs in the album “Predator” were composed, written, recorded, mixed, engineered, mastered by Barno and Kenza. Although their music genre is considered to be Pop, they describe the band Black Blood Royals to be Visually Feminine, Musically Masculine and Lyrically Unisex.

Since the sisters were influenced by Rock music as well, the album “Predator” came out to sound dark, macabre and heavy